Make a positive change to your wellbeing

Nutritional Therapy personalised

to help women meet health 

goals and thrive

 We help to reduce waist size and improve metabolism
 We support the balancing of hormones to re-energise and thrive
 We seek root causes to long-term health issues

Rooted in Science

With a Nutritional Therapist qualification at MSc level, accredited by professional bodies BANT and CNHC, we adhere to high quality standards and give evidence-based recommendations.

Holistic and Deep Analysis

No ten minute consultations here!  We use answers to an in-depth questionnaire and hour-long consultations to analyse how your medical history, symptoms, medications and test results are all related.

Sustainable Results

We’re not interested in faddy diets and quick fixes.  It is important to consider the long-term health consequences of any recommendation given to you, so that you’re given a personalised protocol with real food that suits your tastes.


It's time to make a positive change

Are you tired of feeling like you do?  Maybe you’ve tried everything and nothing works?  Or perhaps you’re unable to maintain the changes you’ve made?

What we do


What We Offer For You

Discovery Call

A free initial phone call allows you to ask all the questions you need to and for me to check your goals and expectations.

Initial Consultation

After analysing your responses to an in-depth questionnaire, we will have up 90 minutes to discuss a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan which may benefit you.

Follow up Consultation

If you choose, every 6 weeks or so, we will review what is and is not working for you and adjust your protocol accordingly. This takes 45 - 60 minutes.

Health Coaching

Along the way, you may choose to have an hour of coaching to help with motivation or to break down recommendations into incremental steps.

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In Depth Analysis for Personalised Recommendations

Analysis and Research

After a complementary initial phone call to check goals and expectations, we will analyse connections between your medical history, symptoms and lifestyle using my knowledge, experience and the latest scientific research

Safety First

To make safe recommendations we need to check any potential adverse effects concerning your current medication and your body's response. We have have to start slowly where results can be unpredictable.

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Root Cause Discovery

In order to try to uncover root causes we may have to carry out further tests, at your discretion, which will be discussed in the consultation. These may incur further costs should you want to go ahead with these.


Naomi is certified with an MSc in Nutritional Therapy at Distinction Level. She is registered with BANT (The British Association for Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine) and the CNHC (The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).


How It Works?


Discovery Call

First we will chat on the phone to discover your goals and check expectations.



Then you will complete a detailed questionnaire so that your case can be researched fully.



Then you will have an online consultation to discuss recommendations.


Our Prices

Initial Consultation

A 60 – 90 minute session to discuss one or two health concerns outlined in your initial questionnaire.


Follow up Consultation

A 45-60 minute session to reflect on past progress and adjust going forwards.


Health Coaching

Help implementing a protocol set in an initial or follow up consultation

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Asked Questions

  • First we will chat on the phone to discuss goals and expectations
  • Then you will complete a detailed questionnaire
  • Then we will analyse your goals, symptoms, medications, medical history, test results, food diary and lifestyle
  • We will check for interactions and connections using the scientific research
  • Our findings will determine recommendations that can be negotiated in the consultation

Payment needs to be made via bank transfer 2 weeks prior to the appointment.  This is because the bulk of the work (up to 30 hours) are spent analysing your questionnaire and researching the most suitable recommendations for you.

Our main specialisms are:

  • Body composition management - helping those at risk of obesity-related conditions lose fat around the middle and/or build muscle using an incremental, healthy and personalised plan.
  • Women's hormonal health including perimenopause, menopause, other sex hormone issues, thyroid health, pre-diabetes or diabetes.

We are also able to support many different chronic conditions including:

ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Autoimmune diseases, Bone health, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Diverticulitis, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Gut health, Heart or Cardiovascular health, High blood pressure or hypertension, IBS, Insomnia, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), PCOS, Psoriasis, Recurrent Cystitis / UTIs and more.

We are not qualified to work with those currently undergoing cancer treatment, those with advanced stage kidney disease and those with eating disorders.

Every client is individual, some may see improvements straight away and for others it may take time to see improvements. Improvements in symptoms may not happen for everyone due to the complex nature of a case. Nutritional Therapy is a gentler approach than medication so we usually recommend 6 - 12 week protocols.

Nutritional Therapy doesn't replace medical advice, we don’t treat or diagnose and we work in collaboration with health care providers, such as your GP.  But we will only contact your them with your consent.